Hi there and welcome to the Mitchell Moss Media Photo Purchase website!

Due to my main focus being on photographing events, many issues arose when I was attempting to find a solution to finding a way for me to allow the public to directly purchase photos from me without jumping through hoops and having to contact me, negotiate prices, and figure everything out. This is an all in one solution to all of those problems. Let me explain to you how to use this website to purchase my photos of an event.

How to use the site

Step 1. Find your event in our catalog.

Step 2. Look through the available photos and find the ones you would like to purchase.

Step 3. Take note of the text tag (Photo ID) at the bottom right of the photos you would like. This will be needed for your purchases.

Step 4. Go to the shop and find the product you’d like.

Step 5. Select the photo finish and size (if applicable) and then type in your Photo ID in the text box. This will be how I know which photos you would like. Pick the amount of the product you’d like and then click add to cart.

Step 6. At the top right, you can view your cart and continue to checkout, where you can finalize your purchases and put in your shipping address.

That’s it! You’ll receive an email of your invoice and your pictures will be processed in 1-2 business weeks! (Sometimes sooner!) You’ll receive email updates as the products go through their stages of completion. Thanks for supporting your local event photographer!

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Questions and Answers

What quality photos does this site provide?
For copyright reasons, we keep all images on our catalog watermarked and in a lower quality. The quality of the images you see in the catalog isn’t what you will receive on your prints. You’ll get the original image without any form of watermark. Feel free to scan and share from there! Mitchell Moss Media retains all copyright of all images on this website and on prints. While you can scan and share images to social media, you cannot claim ownership of the image. Thank you!

How will I know when my order has shipped?
You will receive an email with tracking info if shipped through USPS. If Local Delivery is chosen instead (if applicable), you will receive an email confirmation and further status updates through that email thread.

In the case of lost photos in the custody of a mail carrier, we will provide replacement prints or a refund. Contact us if anything like this happens.

Why does it take so long to receive our prints?
Due to how we want to keep prices low, we do not, as of right now, use a local photo lab. They need to send it to us which we then send them to you. It takes a few days for us to receive it and then it takes a few more for it to get to you. Our local delivery option takes less time if it’s available to you, but in all actuality, it shouldn’t take more than 1 business week to get to you if you live anywhere near the events I photograph take place. I advertise 1-2 weeks just in case we hit snags in the postal system or something goes wrong. We will keep you updated through emails if something were to go wrong with your order.

Anything else?
Contact us!